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Technology and Consumer Product
Recruitment Specialists


Talenthr was founded in the belief that being a good listener, having compassion for candidates and serving as a trusted partner to companies, is the way of the future. Our aspiration is to understand and value your goals while delivering a strong match with a good cultural fit.


Our Partners


  • “Talenthr has been extremely helpful for us; they have a highly experienced team of recruiters able to understand deeply hard and soft skills of each candidate."
    Gaspare Licata
    Gaspare Licata CEO, Crankbrothers
  • "Once Roberto from Talenthr placed our new COO, my entire life changed and the trajectory of our company has accelerated tremendously. I can't believe I wasted so much time and money on hiring the wrong people who ultimately held us back. The candidate hired is a perfect fit culturally for our team and has the exact experience we needed. Talenthr helped us recruit someone we never would have found otherwise and we are forever grateful!"

    Jennifer Beall Saxton
    Jennifer Beall Saxton Founder & CEO, Tot Squad
  • "Talenthr has been a great business partner for Papaya, helping us identify our recruitment needs and attract top talent for the company. It was essential on creating the team that fuels the growth of our organization."

     Patrick Kann
    Patrick Kann Co-Founder, Papaya

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